Firefox Affiliates: Time for an update

2 12 2013

The Firefox Affiliates program was launched in 2011, acting as a hub for banners that Firefox and Mozilla supporters can add to their websites, blogs and Facebook walls. The system is available in more than 15 languages and affiliate buttons are available in more than 30 (Yes, Mozilla localizers are the best).

The site has driven millions of clicks to download over the last two years. So it is with great delight that I share that the time has come to update and enhance Firefox Affiliates. Affiliates have been writing in with suggestions for how we can improve the system and now the time has come where we can put that feedback to use.

It is also time for you to speak up and let us know what would make the Affiliates experience great for you. Requests so far include adding more types of banners and links to the system, gamification for participation, a better mobile experience and options for banner customization.

If would be hugely helpful if you could fill out this survey to help us prioritize where we want to put our energies first.

There are about 100,000 use registered as Firefox Affiliates so another priority will be surfacing other opportunities for them to support Firefox and Mozilla beyond hosting a banner. They have already taken some action as a supporter, so we will be doing a lot of thinking about what other interesting activities to invite them to participate in.

We will also be updating the visual design of the program, bringing it in line with the Sandstone branding that all Mozilla sites use.

All in all, 2014 is going to be an exciting time for the Affiliates program. If you have thoughts, please fill out the form or leave them in the comments. You can also find us in #affiliates on IRC.


Firefox Beta Affiliate Buttons in all Affiliate locales!

28 03 2012

Keeping up the good news today, the Affiliates team would like you to know that the beautiful blue Firefox Beta buttons for desktop and mobile are now available in all Affiliates locales.
So pretty! So blue! So Beta!

By using Firefox Beta you can have an impact on the next version of Firefox and the 450 million people who use it every day. If you can get even more people to help test, refine and polish Firefox by adding a Beta button to your website or blog, that’s like an extra, double-plus, bonus, very good thing.

Become a Firefox Affiliate and get your Beta buttons today!

Firefox Affiliates adds BrowserID for locales

28 03 2012

Yo Dawg, we heard you like BrowserID, so we put BrowserID in your Firefox Affiliates locale so you can be in control of your identity while you spread the word about Firefox, no matter what language you speak.

That’s right, BrowserID (Persona) is now available for Firefox Affiliates in CS, DE, EN-US, ES, FR, FY-NL, NL, PL, PT-BR, SL, ZH-TW. There are still a couple of Affiliates locales left to go. We’ll update you as soon as we have them ready.

New locales and buttons on Firefox Affiliates

22 12 2011

Since we launched Firefox Affiliates in October of this year, we’ve been making consistent additions and improvements to the site. We track all of these changes on the Affiliates wiki (or more accurately, Mike Kelly and Chris More track them and I am thankful for it – like, all the time thankful for it). If you’d like to dig into the improvements we’ve made, have a look at the releases for this year.

A couple of highlights for for Affiliates users. We’ve added French (Hourra!) and Czech (Hurá!) locales and added new buttons for Firefox Aurora (all locales except for fy-NL) and Firefox Beta (EN-US only right now as button l10n is still in progress).

2012 is looking great for Firefox Affiliates. Contests and prizing are queued up, new features are in development and we’re very close to being able to add locales for Korean, Bosnian, Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Slovak and Russian. Migration of buttons from SpreadThunderbird is in progress too. We’ve also gotten a ton of help from our l10n teams in Asia in finding the right fonts and layouts for  buttons in those regions. A huge thank you to those teams for all their help.

If you’d like to help out have a look at the wiki to see what’s coming up. If you’d like to make Affiliates available in your locale or region or if you are a web developer familiar with HTML, CSS, Python or Django and want to get involved, please contact us at or come hang out in #affiliates on irc.

Let’s chat about Firefox Affiliates

3 08 2011

We’re zipping along with development of the new Firefox Affiliates program. In preparation for launching the new program this quarter and to help us plan features of v2, we’ll be holding irc chats next week.

To accommodate interested Mozillians all over the world, we’ll be holding two chat sessions in #affiliates.

The first will be next Tuesday, August 9 at 9 a.m. Eastern Time (2 p.m. GMT, 6 a.m. PT). Then we’ll do it all again next Wednesday, August 10 at 6 p.m. Eastern Time (11 p.m. GMT, 3 p.m. PT).

If you can’t make the chat sessions, please feel free to drop in your ideas at or contact me directly.

Looking forward to chatting with you!

The New Firefox Affiliates Program — Help make it amazing

30 06 2011

One of the things I’m working on as a part of my role on the User Engagement Team is the launch and management of a new Firefox Affiliates program. As many of you know, the Spread Firefox affiliates site was taken down a month or two ago. You can read more on why we took it down here .

This situation left us without an affiliates program, without a centralized way for us to encourage visitors to our blogs and websites to download Firefox. With the help of our creative team, localizers and the super-helpful David Boswell, we found a way to host Firefox 4 buttons at Almost all of these have been updated to be Firefox buttons without the version number. There are still a bunch of localizations that haven’t been added yet, as we’ve decided to wait until we have a full program up an running again. To everyone who did a localization for the new buttons, thank you for waiting. They’ll be put to use very soon.

Without a full affiliates program, the emptiness is palpable. But it’s also an opportunity. The old affiliates program, while great, was built back in 2004 and the way we communicate and market online has changed in many ways since then. By starting anew we have a chance to take the best features of the old system and build new ones that will make being an affiliate even more fun and rewarding.

To get this process going, we’re hustling to build a skeleton version of this site and launch it in late July — something very basic that we can build something amazing on with your feedback and help. We’re just finishing the wireframing process and will be getting design and development underway very quickly. We’re doing this so quickly so that we have the most basic of systems to work with while we’re coming up great ideas for the future of affiliates.

This new affiliates program will have two key features when it launches. First we’ll be able update and refresh content regularly. This means shiny new buttons for you to share. Next, and most excitingly, we’re going to be localize the entire site. Not just localized buttons, the whole site. This will make it easier for more people in more locales to promote Firefox.

What I’m looking to your help with is what to plan for v2 of this new affiliates program. Since you are people who used the previous system, I have some questions for you:

  • What were the features you loved and what were the features you always wanted to have?
  • What kinds of campaigns did you enjoy or find effective?
  •  Are there ways that we can add a game or challenge element to make participating in affiliates more fun?
  • If we want to communicate new campaigns or affiliate opportunities to you, how would you prefer we get in touch? E-mail? Alerts within this affiliates system when you’ve logged in?
  • Are there any tools, like an image generator or a build-your-own-button creator, that would make l10n and customization better?
  • Do you have any thoughts on how we can encourage participation in the affiliates program in a Mozilla fashion (think open, participatory, community-driven)?

I’m hoping to have a couple of irc chats in the next month or two to talk about ideas for v2 of the new affiliates program so stay tuned for times, but please feel free to leave comments and ideas below or send me a note at chelsea [AT]

One final note before you share your ideas with me: Stats from the old Spread Firefox program will not carry over to the new system. For a variety of reasons, moving that user data isn’t possible. I am, however, working on a thank-you to the superstars of the old system and I hope that you’ll help in creating the new one with me.

Now it’s even easier to get the Mozilla 2010 T-shirt!

29 11 2010

We’ve just made it easier for you to support Mozilla! The Mozilla 2010 t-shirt is proving to be very popular and as a result, we’ve been able to drop the minimum donation to $50. More people wearing the t-shirt means more people seeing the t-shirt which means more people supporting the open web and, well, you get the picture.

Along with making it easier for more people to support amazing Mozilla projects, we’ve also added an exciting new gift for people who donate more than $25: this ridiculously adorable dino plush toy. The toy is currently in production and will ship out early 2011, but quantities are limited, so donate sooner rather than later if you’d like one. People who’ve already donated to the Open Web Fund earlier this year will be receiving the plush toy as thanks for supporting us early on.

A quick reminder for US citizens, all donations made before January 1, 2011 qualify for a charitable tax exemption. Donate today!