Firefox Affiliates now available in Russian!

25 06 2012

Thanks to our fabulous Russian localization team we now have Firefox Affiliates available in Russian! Ура!

In other Affiliates news our amazing development team have made it possible for us to have buttons available in a locale even if the Affiliates website isn’t available in that locale. What does that mean in human speak? If you’d like to be an Affiliate, but we don’t yet have the website localized for your language, but we do happen to have some buttons built in your language, we can get those to you.

To see if there’s a button in your language, sign up for Affiliates in one of the 19 existing website locales (hopefully you’ll understand one of them) and then when you’re building a button, check the language selection drop down to see if the button is available in the language you’re looking for. We’ll be adding buttons like this in the next few weeks (keep your eyes on the Firefox for Android category in particular).

As always, if you have translation skills and you’d like to add your language to Affiliates, please send us a note at If you don’t have time to translate the entire site, but want to make sure the buttons are available at least, drop us a line and we can work with you to build those buttons too.