Firefox Beta Affiliate Buttons in all Affiliate locales!

28 03 2012

Keeping up the good news today, the Affiliates team would like you to know that the beautiful blue Firefox Beta buttons for desktop and mobile are now available in all Affiliates locales.
So pretty! So blue! So Beta!

By using Firefox Beta you can have an impact on the next version of Firefox and the 450 million people who use it every day. If you can get even more people to help test, refine and polish Firefox by adding a Beta button to your website or blog, that’s like an extra, double-plus, bonus, very good thing.

Become a Firefox Affiliate and get your Beta buttons today!


Firefox Affiliates adds BrowserID for locales

28 03 2012

Yo Dawg, we heard you like BrowserID, so we put BrowserID in your Firefox Affiliates locale so you can be in control of your identity while you spread the word about Firefox, no matter what language you speak.

That’s right, BrowserID (Persona) is now available for Firefox Affiliates in CS, DE, EN-US, ES, FR, FY-NL, NL, PL, PT-BR, SL, ZH-TW. There are still a couple of Affiliates locales left to go. We’ll update you as soon as we have them ready.