New locales and buttons on Firefox Affiliates

22 12 2011

Since we launched Firefox Affiliates in October of this year, we’ve been making consistent additions and improvements to the site. We track all of these changes on the Affiliates wiki (or more accurately, Mike Kelly and Chris More track them and I am thankful for it – like, all the time thankful for it). If you’d like to dig into the improvements we’ve made, have a look at the releases for this year.

A couple of highlights for for Affiliates users. We’ve added French (Hourra!) and Czech (Hurá!) locales and added new buttons for Firefox Aurora (all locales except for fy-NL) and Firefox Beta (EN-US only right now as button l10n is still in progress).

2012 is looking great for Firefox Affiliates. Contests and prizing are queued up, new features are in development and we’re very close to being able to add locales for Korean, Bosnian, Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Slovak and Russian. Migration of buttons from SpreadThunderbird is in progress too. We’ve also gotten a ton of help from our l10n teams in Asia in finding the right fonts and layouts for  buttons in those regions. A huge thank you to those teams for all their help.

If you’d like to help out have a look at the wiki to see what’s coming up. If you’d like to make Affiliates available in your locale or region or if you are a web developer familiar with HTML, CSS, Python or Django and want to get involved, please contact us at or come hang out in #affiliates on irc.




3 responses

23 12 2011
Ken Saunders

Great work.
Thank you!

30 01 2012
Laura at Affiliate Academy

It is great to come across someone who knows what affiliate markeitng is all about. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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