Firefox Affiliates is here!!

19 10 2011

Today is a very good day. Today we’re re-launching the Firefox Affiliates program, a centralized hub for getting and sharing Firefox and Mozilla download buttons.

Unlike traditional affiliate programs, Firefox Affiliates doesn’t dole out cash for clicks or downloads. Instead top affiliates will get prizes, praise and good vibes. Top affiliates will be featured on the leaderboards (which update daily, so easy on that refresh button) and qualify for all kinds of great Firefox prizes.

The first set of buttons available are Firefox for Desktop, Firefox for Mobile and Firefox Plugin checker. Thanks to our amazing l10n and creative teams, these buttons are available in all launch locales: EN-US, ES, PT-BR, DE, Zh-TW, NL, Fy-NL, PL and SL. More locales will be added in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in adding a locale, please contact Stas Malolepszy, Milos Dinic or me for details. Mozilla recruiting buttons are currently available in EN-US, but will expanded to more locales as the contributor on-boarding process is expanded.

While we’re very happy that Firefox Affiliates has launched, it doesn’t stop there. We will continue to add more buttons, locales and features to the program. To do that, we need your help. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Firefox Affiliates team, contact us at or come hang out with us in #affiliates in irc.

I’d like to personally thank the kick-ass Affiliates build and launch team for getting this project up and running: Chris More, Mike Kelly, Corey Shields, Stas Malolepszy, Milos Dinic, Fred Wenzel, Matthew Brandt, Stephen Donner, Rebecca Billings, Paul Booker, Yvan Boily, Jason Thomas, Tobias Markus, Dave Dash, Alex Mayes, Ty Flanagan, Matej Novak, Laura Forrest and our amazing localizers. ^5s to all.

PS. Please sign up to be a Firefox Affiliate today. Host a button on your blog or website and please, please tell your friends. Also, if you’d like to help spread the word about the program please feel free to tweet about it!

Sample Tweet:
Become a Firefox Affiliate and get everything you need to share Firefox with the world!




14 responses

20 10 2011

Nice! Since this is kind of a “Spread Firefox light”, perhaps should be redirected here instead?

20 10 2011
Chelsea Novak

Bug is already in process 🙂 You can follow along if you like in bug 693633.

20 10 2011
Ken Saunders

Congrats on finally getting this launched.
I’m looking forward to seeing it grow and progress and would like to help.

Some suggestions.
Provide text only affiliate urls.
On the front page of and in the sidebar, I use simple text links to encourage others to download Firefox for desktop and mobile. ( It’s what works with the style that I created. I’d like to be able to use my affiliate urls.
I can just grab the actual link code and use it, but it would skew your results on how well each banner is doing.
I’d also like to be able to use my own designs. The ones that I create are designed specifically for each site. The current designs are either too thin, too tall, or just too small. I use official Mozilla graphics and wordmarks.
Would like some get involved/join Mozilla/contribute type banners.
Hopefully this bug will be fixed too.

I am appreciative for all of the work and effort that has gone into this.
I mentioned what I’d personally like, but I have to run things through as a user and through several years of experience with the original affiliates program, I’m sure that these are things that are desired by others.

20 10 2011
Jesper Kristensen

Hugh? If I want to have a Firefox button on my website, I now have to register an account? Do I also need to get permission to link to Firefox from my website? This seems really strange. I cannot even see the buttons without registering first, or can I?

20 10 2011
Chelsea Novak

Hey Ken,
That’s excellent feedback. Could you add your suggestions to the Future Goals section of the Affiliates wiki ?

That will help us keep track of these ideas for future versions. As we said back in the summer, we really wanted to get a simple 1.0 release out the door so that we can bake in more amazing features later on.

20 10 2011
Chelsea Novak

Hi Jesper,
Thanks for your note. You can always have Firefox buttons on your site and you don’t need permission to link to us. You are welcome to participate in the Affiliates program, but you don’t have do.

20 10 2011
Jesper Kristensen

But I have heard that you can get these buttons from the Affiliates website, and that spreadfirefox will soon redirect to it. But where else can you then get the buttons, when the Affiliates site requires registration?

20 10 2011
Chelsea Novak

Good question. I don’t have an answer for that right now.

20 10 2011
Ken Saunders

Hey Chelsea,
Looks like some of my suggestions are already there.
Understood about getting this out the door. now redirects to affiliates.
That’s one location where buttons/banners used to be freely available.

Jesper, you could grab some images from Google’s cache of that page. I personally like the option to be an affiliate. It will allow you to see some stats on how well your promotional banner are doing, plus, you always have a chance to get some props and kudos. 🙂

20 10 2011
Ken Saunders


21 10 2011
Linux Blog » Blog Archive » Mozilla spustila nový partnerský program

[…] dnes spustila nový partnerský program (Firefox Affiliates), do kterého se může zapojit každý. V rámci něj jsou nabízeny […]

22 10 2011

I’m going to look into this further.

18 11 2011

how will we get the reward out of affiliates ,WHAT IS THE CRITERIA???

20 07 2013
pure green coffee bean

Thanks for finally writing about >Firefox Affiliates is here!
! | Chelsea Novak <Loved it!

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