MoFo No Mo’ Yo

9 06 2011

After 2 very awesome years of building fundraising programs and infrastructure at Mozilla Foundation, I am leaving my position of Fun Raiser and Rodeo Queen. My last day as a MoFo is tomorrow.

Conveniently, I am starting a new position at Mozilla Corporation on Monday as User Engagement Manager on the (wait for it) User Engagement team.

My e-mail address will be changing on Monday (I’ll update when I know what to) and I’ll be posting more on my new responsibilities as I get a handle on them.

Update: E-mail wise you can reach me a chelsea [at] mozilla [dot] com, cnovak [at] mozilla [dot] com and at the foundation alias for awhile to come.




6 responses

9 06 2011
Ken Saunders

Well congrats!
I’m sure that you’ll get along with all of the brand new people that you’ll meet over at MoCo.

29 05 2012

I agree with the rest that firefox rocks beascue of all the add-ons that people create. Even though this cloud add-on looks funky I’m not sure I see the real benefit from it. But maybe that’s just me 🙂

9 06 2011
Chelsea Novak: MoFo No Mo’ Yo | Firefox Latest News

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10 06 2011
David Boswell

Looking forward to hearing your new fake job title. Rodeo Queen is going to be hard to top…

13 06 2011
William Reynolds

So excited to have you on the User Engagement team, Chelsea! Looking forward to working with you in your new role (and finding out what your new fake job title is).

14 06 2011
David Bolter

Rodeo Queen was fake?

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