Join Mozilla: Thank you tags

15 04 2011

It’s amazing how easily one can fall behind on writing things down. Mea cupla and with that I’ve added most of the creative copy and design work for Join Mozilla to the project wiki.

For those who are interested I’ve included some up-and-coming items like Spanish and Portuguese versions of the Join Mozilla T-shirt (available really soon!) and the hangtag (or as I like to call it, thank you tag). We’ll soon be including this tag with the Join Mozilla T-shirt packs that are shipped out to supporters who add $25 on to their donation. Note: the pink lines mark where the card will be cut out and attached to the shirt like a clothing tag.

We created tags like these for the Open Web Fund dino shirts that we’ve been sending out for about a year now and they were well received.  

This time we thought it would be fun to add a Mad Lib-like option to the card to encourage creative sharing with friends and family.

The tags will be localized into DE, ES and PT and will ship out with Join Mozilla supporter packs early next month when we are out of beta. I’m going to see if there’s a way to send them out to our very wonderful early adopters as well, as their T-shirt packs are already on their way.

If you have an idea for fun ways we can thank Mozilla supporters or just want to lend a hand, please check out our our forum or leave a note below.




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