Join Mozilla at CeBIT

9 03 2011

Last week I made my way to Germany to take part in CeBIT, what has to be the world’s largest tech trade show. I was there to talk about the Join Mozilla program and to give a sneak preview before we launch it. I had a chance to talk with Firefox users face-to-face about what Mozilla means to them.

Here’s a slidecast of the talk that I gave. I planned to show this video before the talk began, but sadly technical issues on site prevented me from showing it with sound. So watch that first to get you in the mood.

Also, here’s the link to that PBS State of the Union broadcast using popcorn.js I referenced in the slidecast.

While we weren’t able to launch the program in time for CeBIT, I did get a chance to talk to some German users about Join Mozilla and the feedback, while small in scale, was positive. I started the conversation by talking about the fact that Mozilla is a non-profit organization and about the many great projects we develop and support outside of Firefox. There was a lot of good reaction to Drumbeat and the various Drumbeat projects in the works. A particular highlight was doing a quick demo of the Universal Subtitles tool for a deaf father and son who were visiting the booth. Seeing their reaction to how easy it was to use and the potential for what it could do was a highlight of the week.

Some people wanted to sign up for Join Mozilla on the spot. Especially after seeing what the t-shirts looked like. Overall it was encouraging to see that people understood what Join Mozilla was about and that they were excited about getting involved.




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9 03 2011
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