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31 01 2011

If you’ve been following Mark Surman’s blog, you’ll have learned that we will be launching a user engagement initiative called Join Mozilla early this year. Join Mozilla is a program that takes the best of what we’ve done in terms of user engagement and fundraising in the past and takes the next step: making it easy for the millions of people who love Firefox and Mozilla to be connected to what we’re doing and help us create the new projects and ideas that will keep the web open for decades to come.

There are a lot of variables involved in assembling a program like this. One of the most important of which is the pathway in for potential participants in Join Mozilla. As the program is in it’s infancy, we know that we will be iterating a lot in the coming weeks, months and years. We need to learn about what matters to people who are a part of Join Mozilla, how they like to communicate and what makes them feel like they are a part of this amazing project.

One of the first things people interested in Join Mozilla will experience is the program landing page. We’ve worked with Mozilla design Übermensch Sean Martell and with creative agency Engine Company 1 to create the page that will start the whole Join Mozilla experience. Click on the image below to see what it will look like.

The guiding principles for the page were this: the sign-up/contribution form had to be on the same page; the sign-up text had to be short and engaging; there had to be as few outbound links as possible and; the design had to be “knock-your-socks-off” cool, while accommodating the limitations of sign-up form provided by our payment processor.

The page that is currently being built has a few tweaks that aren’t represented in the mockup shown here. The “edit this link” button will be removed from the footer, as the sign-up page is a secure-hosted form, so it can’t be edited like other pages on Also, the opt-in check boxes have been changed to the following:

-I want to receive the Join Mozilla newsletter
-I agree to the Mozilla privacy policy [with a link to said privacy policy]

We also plan on testing several iterations of the subheadline to see which one resonates best with users.

I’ll be sharing ideas and designs for other elements of the program over the next few weeks.




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31 01 2011

Hi Chelsea, I’m sorry but….. won’t there be any option to join Mozilla without contributing with money???

31 01 2011
Chelsea Novak

Hey Gabriella,
There will always, always, always, always be ways to be a part of Mozilla without contributing money. Did I mention always? Always. For example, all of these programs here:, the Mozilla and You newsletter:, the community Marketing group, etc. are getting bigger, better and stronger and are completely free for anyone to join.

One of the many reasons why we’ve created Join Mozilla (check out the FAQ for more: is that we want to have more grants, projects, scholarships and awesome funding opportunities that will support the innovation on the web that we need to keep it open for years to come. This is a really simple and small way to encourage people to do that and that the same time engaging them in a more meaningful way than we have with donors/supporters in the past. Hopefully with time, we can get more of the people who we are hoping will be part of Join Mozilla to become even more involved in what we do.

31 01 2011

Hi Chelsea, many thanks for answering me so quickly! I didn’t know there were so many ways to be a part of Mozilla!
I’ve been helping to test the pre-releases Firefox versions since 3.5! Actually I’ve been nominated several times for Friend of the Tree and I’ve recently received a smashing Firefox Beta 4 T-shirt for helping with the Firefox Beta pre-releases.
I help the es-AR locale Manager too!
I wanted to know about Join Mozilla just because it seemed a more formal way to be a part of Mozilla, but I already feel a part of it!
I think Firefox is the best browser ever and I love helping to make it even better!

31 01 2011
Chelsea Novak

Hey Gabriela,
That’s awesome. It totally sounds like you already are part of Mozilla. 🙂

31 01 2011

Hi Chelsea, I sure am!!!! 🙂

31 01 2011

Ooooo! Does the $30 inc’ shipping to the UK? and do I get one of those cards either way?

31 01 2011
Chelsea Novak

You get a card yes. You’ll be able to print it out as soon as your transaction has been processed. Shipping is not currently included as we are still working on a reasonable shipping rate. We’re going to do our best to keep it affordable.

31 01 2011

I for one love the initiative. But I’m a tad skeptical to yet another radically different website design and yet another logo/crest. The proposal (or finished layout, perhaps) is beautiful, but it doesn’t quite connect to all the other sites visually.

31 01 2011
Chelsea Novak

Thanks for the feedback Nuss. What’s exciting (at least to me) is that we’re going to have a lot of opportunities to test different designs and see what resonates best. Also we’re working with the Mozilla creative team to make sure that while this design is bold and striking, it’s not too far out there.

31 01 2011
Axel Hecht

At this point in time, rallying people supported by the internets, well, I guess you couldn’t tell that North Africa is going ballistic when you did that design?

Bloddy red, too.

It’s not that I don’t like the design, but it gives me the wrong idea. Granted, that’s easy with me.

As shipping was already mentioned, do we have a maximum capacity of what we’re able to ship? Asking as a m-e board member, who failed big time on meeting the demand back then. Is the website going to be able to flag “shipping is going to be delayed due to overwhelming demand”?

Going on and on, as a gemerman, any indication on whether the donation is tax deductable, and if so, where?

1 02 2011
Chelsea Novak

Hey Axel,
Thanks for the feedback and questions. We’re still working out the shipping options in terms of cost. In terms of handling capacity, we’re working with suppliers that can handle large amount.

The donation will be tax deductible in the US to start. As the program grows we will look into other regions, but it is a long process to get that kind of status.

1 02 2011
Ken Saunders

There’s going to be a lot of criticism, harsh at times I’m sure if the following isn’t emphasized.
The “Where does the money go?” content, and,
“We also want to increase the number of grants, projects and scholarships we give out to support innovation on the web. Small contributions from members will help us do this. ”

I understand that you want to keep the landing page as clean and simple as possible, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all to add where the money goes.
I’ll bet that the majority of the 400 million plus that Mozilla is trying to reach aren’t aware of Mozilla’s philanthropic activities.

I’m glad to see that member and contributor are now clearly defined.
I’m also glad to see that there will be/is an actual starting point.
I haven’t been able to get any info on that. Was it a secret?

“Help finding ways to get more deeply involved in Mozilla”
How will that take place? Just a link to the Get Involved page?

1 02 2011
Chelsea Novak

Hey Ken,
That might be a good thing to test. See if explaining more of where the money goes resonates and gets people keen on becoming part of Join Mozilla vs having a simple page. I’m really looking forward to when we’ll have our own data on this rather than drawing from best practices.

Things haven’t been secret, just in progress. We’ve been working hard trying to figure out all of this stuff ourselves. 🙂

With finding ways to get people more involved, we’re figuring a that out too. Many of the millions of people who use Firefox don’t know that we’re a non-profit, don’t know that there’s stuff they can do to help and may not even know that the web’s something that needs protecting. Though things like links, fun activities, newsletters and surveys we hope to let people know more of what we’re about and for those who are interested, get them connected to the Contributor Engagement team. So yes, there will be links to Get Involved, but also a whole lot more.

1 02 2011
Alina Mierlus

Hey Chelsea,

Lovely design. I like the colors and the image in background.

But, IMHO what’s that logo? :D. The message it gives it to me is: “Join the Barcelona football club!”. I would love to see something like a funny dino (see the Adopt Mozilla One or the one used by Hackasaurus project).
Something related to let’s say, Mozilla “brand”. Or the dino head on that scout, instead of M (see the P2PU School of Webcraft design – ).

Regarding the text, there are 2 things I’m trying to understand and I can’t:

*”Good feelings in the cockles of your heart” 🙂
*”Protect the Web! Join Mozilla!” – protect from whom? ;). I like the “Help us build a better web. Join Mozilla!” but I’m don’t really see the sense of protect here.

1 02 2011
Chelsea Novak

Hey Alina,
As I’ve said before, we’re going to be iterating a lot, so the design will evolve a lot over time. In terms of your text questions, the first is just a fun turn of phrase to express feeling good about joining and supporting open web projects. Something that we would encourage localizers to express in a way that’s meaningful and playing in their own locale. The second, maybe we’ll test that line and see what resonates most with users.

1 02 2011
Danny Moules

Doesn’t the name directly conflict with the ‘Join Mozilla’ career opportunities campaign?

1 02 2011
Robert Kaiser

Hmm, I wonder why this is using a more or less unprecedented “M” as the “Mozilla” logo, when the official Mozilla logo is the dino head. Are we splitting identities here just because it looks nice or do we have a broader agenda behind that decision?

1 02 2011
Alina Mierlus

Hmmm…. Well, I heard something about during the Summit, at a Mozilla Mission brand – engagement session (hosted mainly by the same agency Engine Company 1 which worked on that design). One of the things they told us during the session was that some users don’t like the Dino Head.
Anyway, as we are a open community and share all the decisions which affects the broader project, I expect some emerging discussions or blog posts about a possibly brand redesign ;).

But as Chelsea said in previous comments is probably a test to see the reaction of users.

5 02 2011
Majken "Lucy" Connor

Well if some users don’t like the dino head, that’s ok. But it’s mo*zilla* so it seems silly to pretend that’s not what’s going on with the name.

Chelsea, I know you’ve addressed this already, but I’m adding my vote to not create *another* logo. Especially since in theory this group is the easiest to join, it may become most visible.

I *Really* like everything else.

2 02 2011


”Protect the Web! Join Mozilla!” and “Help us build a better web. Join Mozilla!” are two different messages:
– The former indicates that there is a threat and that we need to protect the web. Joining Mozilla is a reaction to the threat. The naturAnd I’m sorry, but wal questions are: from whom? from what? what does Mozilla do now against these? what will Mozilla do as I join it to protect more/better the web? How do my contribution by joining will/can change the game?
If you’re pretending to “protect the web”, I’m worried that people in Tunisia or Egypt will start to wonder what you did to “protect the web” when Ben Ali and Moubarak shut it down.
(I know most answers, I just wish they appeared in the website)
– The latter is constructive (“build”). No enemy, nothing to fight against or get protected against. Joining Mozilla is an occasion to do/create/build something. But same question: what does Mozilla do now to build a better web? what will Mozilla do as I join it to more/better build the web? How do my contribution by joining will/can change the game?

Both messages aside of each other is kind of contradictory. I personnaly prefer the latter since it’s what Mozilla has done so far: creating things that show to the world that a more suitable alternative can exist. It is reflected in a half-billion design choices for Firefox. It can be observed in the Sync design. It can be observed in the support of Drumbeat projects. Mozilla doesn’t “protect the web” by protecting it. It protects the web by showing an alternative path which often ends up being better and convicing people to move.
Among people at Mozilla I know, some say that “The best Firefox version is Chrome” (<3 Mozilla humour 🙂 ) . Meaning that if Firefox had not existed, maybe that Chrome wouldn't exist either, because we there would be no open web standard based on which Chrome could have been built.
Maybe that if Firefox hadn't existed, there would be no navigation by tabs, there would be no plugin mecanism in other browsers.

Why a card? You put a card in your wallet and never pull it unless you need it (like a credit card or library).
Why not stickers? People put stickers on their laptops/bags/anything visible in public that show how proud they are of what they do/like/support. Stickers (and badges for that regard) could be a good way to "peer-"promote the program.

I have seen a lot of people in the Mozilla community being relectant to the "Join Mozilla" program and you (people who are organizing it) seem to be in a rush. Why is there a rush?

Even though I am not any kind of specialist of cross-cultural issues, but I think that in this program, there is a lack of cross/multi-cultural concerns. As mentioned earlier "protect the web" has taken a different meaning with what recently happened in Tunisia and Egypt. It has a different meaning in France too with the Hadopi and Loppsi laws. I know Tristan Nitot's convictions about these. I also know that these are his own convictions and aren't the official Mozilla ones (a recent interview makes it very clear (French): at about 20'00). It certainly has a different meaning in the US with the DMCA. And all the other countries and cultures I have no example on.
The same certainly stands for "build a better web".

Hope this feedback helps

3 02 2011
(What I know of) Mozilla’s identity and the Join Mozilla program « Long-term laziness

[…] on all what I can have read on the Join Mozilla program ([1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6] articles, linked resources and comments), I can see a couple of things: – The “$5 basic […]

3 02 2011

Here is a piece of more constructed feedback on my thoughts on the Join Mozilla program :

16 02 2011
Majken "Lucy" Connor

So I was just thinking, why not use the baby dino? It’s awesome, we already used it so it’s familiar, why not keep going? and it’s kinda perfect. It’s not a new logo, but it still helps differentiate between “supporters” and “workers” and the slogan “adopt mozilla” is pretty much exactly what’s going on here.

16 02 2011
Robert Kaiser

Lucy, yes, good idea, that one is cuuuuuute! 🙂

(I’m still waiting on getting my T-shirt of it….)

20 02 2011
Vineel Reddy Pindi

Hey Chelsea, First of all i love the design. I have a point regarding means of making ‘Donations’. When i returned back to India, i wanted to donate some amount here:
using my visa card/ US bank account but the transaction process was very typical and i could not make it even after few attempts. Then i tried with Paypal account which even did not work.
So i went to donate here:
and the process was easy and it was successful.

I am not sure if that was a technical issue or not. I think we should make things easy for people to donate.

Thank you,
– Vineel

22 02 2011
Chelsea Novak

Hey Vineel,
The process should be very simple. We’ve worked hard to make it as few steps as possible. If people are generous enough to donate their hard-earned money to us, we should not cause additional headaches in the process. Can you let me know if you have this issue again? It sounds like a glitch or it’s possible that the address you entered didn’t match the one your bank or credit card company has on file. Let me know.

22 02 2011
Chelsea Novak

Hey Robert,
Your shirt should have arrived by now. I’m going to follow up with the shipping company to see what’s up. Sorry about the delay!

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