Help Thunderbird save Hawiian sea birds

18 06 2010

We’re continuing the Mozilla Parks project of fundraising for parks and beaches that are used as product codenames for Mozilla products. As part of celebrating a product release, we’re giving back to conservation groups to help them improve their presence within the web ecosystem, while we help them protect the natural ecosystem.

For email client Thunderbird 3.1, the developer team chose Lanikai beach. Often described as paradise, it is a place to rest, play, reflect and share. Yet even in this idyllic environment, rare local species of sea birds called the Bulwer’s Petrel are at risk of extinction.

These birds have disappeared from the Lanikai area having been hunted by introduced predators. Kupu is a Hawaiian conservation group that helps preserve the Bulwer’s Petrel while creating a hands-on conservation learning experience for Hawaiian teens. Through their Hawaiian Youth Conservation Corps, they educate Hawaii’s youth and give them the opportunity to work alongside state biologists, helping to keep the population of this uncommon bird stable.

We’re hoping to raise $5,000 for Kupu in the coming months. So while you’re exploring some of the great features of Mozilla Thunderbird, take a moment and help Hawaiian youth preserve their local environment.

PS: We’ve already had some comments and questions sent in asking why we’re supporting a beach in Hawaii instead of helping with the current crisis in the Gulf Coast. The codename for Thunderbird 3.1 was chosen in December, many months before the Gulf crisis began. We are looking at ways we can support the Gulf cleanup with the Parks program in the future, as the need for help in that area will be dire for some time. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how or know of any conservation/cleanup groups that could be a good fit with Mozilla, please send me a note or post in the comments below.




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19 06 2010
Ayuda a los Parques Nacionales con la Fundación Mozilla

[…] Vía: Chelsea Novak […]

21 06 2010

This is a helpful suggestion (and not anything critical): when I open Thunderbird and see the suggestion to help Lanikai, it seems odd to focus on that with everything going on in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico with the oil spill and all. Maybe set up a link to an Oil Spill Victims (human and animal) Relief Fund?

21 06 2010
Chelsea Novak

Thanks for your comment. We’re looking at ways to help out with the gulf crisis, as mentioned in the post above. I’ll post an update when we have something sorted out. Thanks!

21 06 2010

Or just delete my comment since, now that I read your full post instead of just posting at first chance the thing I’ve been meaning to say for a few days now, I see you’ve already addressed that.

7 08 2011
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