Create the OneWebDay 2009 Poster for Mozilla

3 09 2009

If you read Mark Surman’s post about a OneWebDay poster on Monday and are have some artistic skills running through your veins, we invite you to design the OneWebDay 2009 poster for Mozilla.

The instructions are simple. Be as creative as you like, we just ask that you include the following elements:

  • The Mozilla and OneWebDay logos (logos can be found on the Mozilla Foundation wiki)
  • The words “I Love the Web” or “I ❤ the Web”
  • The URL
  • Text that encourages someone to steal, copy and repost the poster.

If you want to get double bonus creative points, feel free to make space in your design for people to add their own elements or messages. We’d like to create an “official” poster, but also leave it open for people to remix it, hack it and make it an easy expression of their love for the web.

OneWebDay is on September 22. To give us time to get the winning design out there, we’re asking artists to submit their designs by Friday, September 11. You can either submit them by e-mail or submit them to the Mozilla Creative Collective, tagged with “onewebday” or e-mail them to me at

Not only will the winning design have the glory of having their art plastered all over cubicles, workspaces, local stores, coffee shops, community centres and libraries, but we’ll also send some Mozilla swag your way.

Please help us out. Mark is threatening to design it himself if the community can’t come up with something. He’s threatening to use Wingdings to do it. And we all know that OneWebDay deserves much better than WingDings.




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4 09 2009
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17 09 2009
Post, pose & pass on for OneWebDay « Chelsea Novak

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18 09 2009
Richard Milewski

OWD Posters in Second Life

I took the poster images and turned them into poster objects in Second Life.

The kind folks at the Nonprofit Commons put them in different places in their space in SL.

Anyone can take copies and remix or post them anywhere in Second Life.

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