Mozilla: Month 1

4 08 2009

FirehoseBefore I started this job, someone told me that getting acclimatized at Mozilla was a lot like drinking from a fire hose. After my first month, I have to say the analogy rings very true. As such, I’ve spent the last month doing my best version of a sponge

Mozilla is at an interesting moment in it’s evolution. As you may have read on  Mark Surman‘s blog, the Foundation is continuing to refine what it does and where we go from here. It makes for a very exciting time for people who do what I do; which is find more exciting ways for people inside and outside of the Mozilla community to be engaged in the Mozilla Mission.

While not everyone has the technical skills to contribute to the development of the technology that Mozilla creates to make the web better, there are many simple actions you can take to be a part of what’s going on. Much of what we’ll be doing at the Mozilla Foundation in the coming months will be about helping to defining those actions (besides downloading Firefox; which if you haven’t done, you should really do) and make it fun and easy to be a part of a better web.

A lot of this last month has been spent articulating these new strategies for engagement as well as laying the foundation for a management system for donations that come into Mozilla.

Now that I’m up and running, I’ll be communicating more about some of our upcoming plans for creating action and engagement for the Mozilla community and the next million Mozillans. As always, please feel free to leave comments and questions along the way.





3 responses

5 08 2009

I’m really excited to see what you guys have in store 🙂

17 08 2009
Mark Surman

Happy to have you hear drinking w/ the firehose alongside us. It’s going well so far.

19 01 2011
Rachelle McAdams

truly wonderful, your point is very well explained. good job for this blogpost.

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